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Connection issues with my Oamo Profile
Connection issues with my Oamo Profile

Learn about potential issues with data connections to your Oamo Profile

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Can I use the same wallets or social profiles for multiple Oamo Profiles?

No, whenever a wallet or social profile is added to an Oamo Profile, it becomes unusable for other profiles. This guarantees that users can only earn once from Data Pools and encourages them to add as many active wallets and social profiles to their Oamo Profile to maximize their reward opportunities.

Why can’t I connect my Web2 account to my Oamo Profile?

A Web2 account can only be added to one Oamo Profile. If you have connected the same Web2 account to another Oamo Profile, you will not be able to connect it to a new one.

If this is your first time connecting an account to your profile and you are still encountering an issue, try reloading the page and trying again. If this doesn’t work, try logging out and trying again upon login.

Can I delete my profile and create a new one with the same wallets and social profiles?

No, since your profile information are stored on a decentralized network, they can’t be fully erased. As such, creating a new profile with the same information would lead to an error. You can delete your profile and have your information fully encrypted so it becomes inaccessible but the information will remain tied to the deleted profile.

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