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How does Oamo preserve my privacy?
How does Oamo preserve my privacy?

Learn about Oamo's cutting-edge approach to user privacy

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Oamo is built with user privacy in mind and goes above and beyond to protect your anonymity via a complex privacy-preserving architecture. Let's dig into how Oamo protects your privacy.

Does Oamo have access to my data?

Oamo never stores a user’s wallets or Web2 account information in its database. All personally identifiable information is stored in ComposeDB, a decentralized database where each user has their own vault encrypted by the wallets added to their profiles. When a user adds a new wallet or Web2 account to their DID, Oamo leverages a third-party indexer or OAuth2 APIs to generate credentials for a profile based on Oamo’s set of Web2 and Web3 criteria. Oamo only stores these credentials to verify a profile’s eligiblity for a given Data Pool.

How is my data protected if it’s stored in a public decentralized database?

Oamo uses Lit Protocol to allow users to encrypt their data on the Ceramic network. As such, users are in total control of who can read their data and they are the only ones who can update their data.

How can I stay anonymous if companies can send me offers?

Oamo uses an encrypted decentralized messaging system between Oamo Profiles for its Offers to protect all personal information such as wallet addresses. Data Buyers simply select which Data Pool or customer segment within a Data Pool they would like to message as opposed to targeting individual profiles, thus protecting a user’s privacy throughout the process.

Do companies have access to my data forever when I participate in a Data Pool?

No, data pool insights are available to data Buyers for 180 day to help them understand their audience and design better offers for participants. We will revise our politics after the Beta once we have collected enough feedback from our community and Data Buyers. We will always provide a right to be forgotten to users after a defined period of time so you are truly in control of your data.

If you would like to learn more, you can find our privacy policy here.

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