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What are credentials?

Credentials represent Web2 and Web3 behaviors achieved across your connected wallets and Web2 accounts as defined by Oamo. They are based on your wallet holdings, on-chain activity, Web2 activity, and demographic information.

Credentials represent certain behavioral thresholds that can be used to gate participation in Data Pools. Credentials never contain qualifiable information such as usernames or wallet addresses, creating a valuable anonymized data point that can be safely shared with Data Buyers.

They can be found under the "Activity tab" and can be expanded to discover which credentials have been distributed by sub-category.

What are the types of credentials I can earn?

Oamo currently supports four categories of credentials:

  1. Wallet holdings: Identifies the ownership of specific tokens and NFTs across your wallets

  2. On-chain activity: Identifies interactions with DApps and smart contracts across your wallets

  3. Social activity: Identifies various behaviors across your Web2 profiles such as age of your account on Twitter or the servers you are a member of on Discord

  4. Demographics: Identifies information related to your age, gender, and location based on Web2 platform data provided

What blockchains are supported by Oamo for Web3 credentials?

At this time, Oamo only supports credentials for Ethereum activity and wallet holdings. More blockchains will be added soon, starting with Polygon. This means that Data Pools require specific behaviors on Ethereum at this time even though Oamo is built on Polygon.

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