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What are Data Pools?

Data Pools are smart contracts that allow Data Buyers to aggregate data, in the form of credentials, from users that meet their requirements and then automatically reward them with tokens. It’s a trustless mechanism for data brokerage that helps companies acquire insights into their target audience’s behavior while preserving users’ privacy.

Each Data Pool is gated by a selection of required credentials to ensure that you have the right profile for the Data Buyer's product and marketing initiatives. You can find all available Data Pools under the "Data Pools" tab where you can review their creators, their rewards, and requirements.

There are three Data Pool states:

  1. Participate: you are eligible and can earn from the Data Pool right away

  2. View criteria: you are not currently eligible but could add new wallets or Web2 accounts to become eligible

  3. Claimed: you have already participated in the Data Pool and claimed the reward

Why do Data Buyers want to acquire my data?

Understanding user behavior is key to building better products and finding the right customers for their product. In Web3, it is extremely hard to understand a user's behavior as it is often fragmented across multiple wallets and companies are unable to tie Web2 activity to a wallet owner.

Oamo provides a way to help them better cater to the right audience while preserving your privacy.

What data is being shared with Data Buyers when I participate in a Data Pool?

Data Buyers create Data Pools to reward their target audience and receive insights about their Web2 and Web3 activity. They are provided general insights about the Data Pool’s participants based on the credentials of those participants.

Personal information such as wallet addresses or usernames are never shared and analytics provide an overview of the whole group of participants as opposed to tracking individual profiles. This way, Data Buyers can better understand the behavior of their target audience across Web2 and Web3 without ever needing to know who the users are.

Why should I participate in Data Pools?

Your data has value, you should capture it! With Data Pools, you can earn rewards in tokens from Data Buyers. After you have participated in a Data Pool, you’ll also receive exclusive offers from these Data Buyers, ranging from discounts, giveaways, exclusive allowlists, and more!

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