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Getting Started on Oamo
Getting Started on Oamo

Lean how to navigate Oamo

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Creating your Oamo Profile

Welcome to Oamo! To get started, create your Oamo Profile.

first connect one of our support wallets:

After signing a confirmation message with your wallet, you will be asked to confirm the creation of your profile before logging in to your Oamo Profile.

Once logged-in, you will be able to connect more wallets and Web2 accounts to add more activity to your profile and increase your chances to be eligible for Data Pools!

Connecting wallets to your Oamo Profile

Connecting more active wallets increases your ability to participate in data pools and earn more rewards. To add other wallets to your Oamo Profile, go to the “Connected Profiles” view and click on “Add more wallets”.

Then select the wallet provider for the wallet you would like to add and switch to the wallet of your choice. You will be prompted to sign a message confirming you own the wallet.

Once signed, your wallet will be added to your Oamo Profile and your credentials will be updated to reflect that wallet’s activity. Your profile will also be automatically encrypted with your wallet so that you are in control at all time of your data.

Connecting Web2 accounts to your Oamo Profile

Connecting more active Web2 accounts increases your ability to participate in data pools and earn more rewards. To add a Web2 account to your Oamo Profile, click on the “Connect” button next to the platform of your choice and select the type of data you would like to generate credentials for.

Next, connect to your Web2 account to grant Oamo temporary read permission on the required data. After signing in, Oamo will automatically generate the credentials you are eligible for.

Reviewing your credentials

Every time you add a new wallet or Web2 account to your Oamo Profile, Oamo will update your credentials based on those connections’ activity. Head to the “Activity” tab and click on any category of credentials to view the credentials you have earned.

Note that it can take up to a few minutes for new credentials to appear after a new connection, depending on in-app traffic.

Reviewing your activity

On your “Activity” tab, you can track the number of profiles you have connected, the number of Data Pools you have participated in, your total earnings from Data Pools, as well as the number of available Data Pools. You can also find a feed of your latest activity such as pool participation and offers claimed.

Participating in Data Pools

Once you have earned some credentials, head to the “Data Pools” tab to review all available offers from trusted organizations. Each pool will indicate its creator, the available reward, as well as your eligibility.

You can check the required credentials by clicking on “Participate” if you are eligible, or “View criteria” if you are not eligible.

Participating in a Data Pool is a two-click process that allows you to seamlessly sell anonymized data to companies of your choice and receive an instant payout to your reward wallet on the Polygon Network.

Receiving offers

Once you have participated in Data Pools, you will be eligible to receive offers from your Data Pools’ organizations. Head to the “Offers” tab where you can receive exclusive discounts, giveaways, invites, and more.

You're now ready to enjoy all the benefits Oamo has to offer! Happy monetization!

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